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It All Began with Five Friends, Five Dogs and Play Dates.

While on one of these playdates, the question arose “Do our puppies need more socializing?” 

This singular question from one of the founders took all five friends in search to find the answer. 

The answer. They can never get to much socializing

Then the next question was, “How do we find more like minded people to meet?”

 So we decided to build a platform for owners and pets to Swipe, Like, Meet and Socialize. 

PetTag is a Social Media application mixed with user-friendly and enjoyable swipe features that most dating apps have adopted. This allows our users to have fun swiping pictures of Pets without the commitment or anxiety of a dating application! If owners meet up and feel a connection then that’s wonderful! According to certain dating studies, 70 percent of people think their dates’ reaction to their pet is important. 

Our PetWall allows you to post moments of your adventures with your matches! 

With our amazing PackTrack and FindAPark feature you are able to see what your matches are up to and find a pet friendly park to hang out!

We want to make an impact and help pets who don’t have owners. We have made it our mission to donate 10% of our subscription earnings to the ASPCA. 

We started this journey as a way to socialize with our dogs and that idea became a way to bring the community together. To make new friends, and help save animals in shelters. 

This is the vision that has now become a reality for these five friends.

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